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At Dan's Door Service we install new garage door openers. An opener is installed to help you open or close the garage door conveniently. If your garage door opener is not functioning correctly chances are we can repair it efficiently and correctly. But if not we offer a variety of opener options to choose from.  

Gear Driven Openers

The biggest advantage is extremely quiet operation. It attaches to the torsion tube minimizing the garage door appearance in the garage. Many owners claim that the direct drive is even quieter than the belt-driven opener. Direct-drive openers are extremely reliable because the only moving part is the motor.

Belt Drive Openers

Belt drive openers are considered one of the most reliable openers. The reinforced steel belt moves on an iron or steel rail. The belt is lighter than a chain drive, reducing the load on the opener. On the flip side, belt drive openers don't need the same amount of maintenance and generally last longer than a chain drive opener.

Chain Drive Openers

One of the main benefits to chain driven garage door opener is its strength. The strong metal won't struggle as much as a belt when it comes to lifting heavier garage doors. If properly maintained, chain drives can last you quite some time without any issues.

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